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轻盈,透亮,环状,环保,生物基: 面料发展的本质就




BioCoat is a superhydrophobic (i.e. extremely water resistant) coating line that is also UV and heat resistant, verydurableandcompletely green. Highlyversatile, the coatings canbeappliedtostoneandwood, glassandceramics, plastic and metal, andfinallytextiles. Theycanalsobeadaptedandcustomisedtospecificapplications.

ManufacturerBionictechnologies, The Netherlands


Biosgel is a solid, gummy, softand strong gel. Foamed in mould, Biosgel is as youseeit, ready tobeusedandcome in direct contact with the skin. Biosgel takes much time toabsorb heat, which is whyitremainsfreshlongerthan traditional materials. Biosgel is also a verygood shock-absorber. Thanksto the loopholes crossing itssurface, Biosgelallowsfor constant air-circulation.

Manufacturer New Wind, Italy


The foundations of Veniceconsist of thousands of timberpoles, driveninto the lagoon’scarantolayer – a mixture of solidclayandsandsituated at greatdepths. The woodused in the Bricolacollection, which is sculptedby water, salt, shipwormsand time, is a tributetothisepicsubmarinestrugglethat has transcended millennia. Alcarol has patented a patientcraftsmanshipcapable of fillingonly the empty spaces of the woodwith a transparent resin andcapturing the underwater air bubblesthatbring the wood back toits original look andconditions.

Manufacturer: Alcarol, Italy


Startingwithwhat is knownfrom the principles of origami paper foldingtechniquesandqualities, trex-lab has developed a series of methodsforrubberizing origami structures, yieldingincrediblyresilient new formsandfunctions.

OriMetric is a parametricgenerateddesignedmaterialwhichfollowsan intelligent pattern, allowing the material inherent multiple functionalqualitiessuch as shock absorption. It is expandableandcollapsable, whilealwaysrememberingitsoriginalshape. The technicalqualities of the materialalsoinclude sound absorption, alongwith a 3D form allowingittorevolvearound corners andberoundshapedifdesired.

Manufacturer:Trex-lab, Germany


Fusumapapier, Ajiroveneerplaits, tatamifabric, textileandmineralwallpapers are traditional Japanesematerials. Toprocess these materials, special tools, techniques ,experienceand expertise are necessary.Translucentplates are delivered as PET-G with Japan paper inlay (Madoca IP), as a PET-G or PMMA (acrylicglass) withone- or two-sidedJapanese paper coating (Madoca OP) and as laminatedglasswithJapanese paper inlay (Japan glassMadoca IG).

AllmaterialsusedforJapanel containingwood or fibers comefromsustainablymanagedforests. Thisappliesnotonlyfor the support boards of HDF, but alsofordecorative papers, veneersforAjiro panels andallpackaging.

Manufacturer: Takumi Germany

PLA936 E-broidery

The e-broiderytechnologyallows the integration of activelightingintofabrics without compromising the textilepropertiessuch as washabilityanddrapability.

The textileinterconnection, LED fabricationandintegration procedures as well as manyotherprocesseswerecustomdevelopedfor e-broiderytechnologyandtransformedintoanindustrialproductionprocess. The LED fabricsallow new andunforeseentextileexpressionsandfunctionalitiesfor a greatvariety of applicationfields. E-broiderycanbe a textile display or large area textile panel, placedmotive or delicate ribbonwithfreelydistributedsubtle or animatedlights. Typicalapplications are interiorandscenography, fashion, event andtrade shows, sport andsafety, medicaltechnology etc.

Manufacturer: Forster&Rohder, Switzerland

WOO291 Radiant

Radiant is a compositeveneer of Alpiwoodwithtransparent plastic resin linesthatallow light toshinethrough.Thismaterial is particularly well suitedfordetailed statement pieces in modern and classic settingsandadditionallyallowsfor a broad range of custompossibilities.Designerscan browse the ALPI woodlibraryfortheirpreferredpatternsandcolours, andchoose the numberand pitch of the transparentlines, thustransforminghow light canworkwithwoodandvice versa. Thishighlightsall the qualitiesit shares with the whole ALPI family of decorative surfaces – innovation, excellence, eco-responsibility, versatilityand design.

Manufacturer: Alpiwood, Italy